Knittex Garment is honoured to inherit a legacy, which is based on more than 36 years of quality, commitment and customer trust. A legacy that is constantly adding value as it is passed on from one generation to the next.

The company was founded by (Late) Noor Mohammed Abdul Sattar in 1981, who ventured in the business as a manufacturer of knitted garments for men, women and children.

The confluence of the best quality cotton, sophisticated technology, and a pool of skilled and seasoned workers ensure that the processes and the products meet prevalent international standards.

Today, Knittex Garments is one of the growing players in the knits and hosiery industry of Pakistan. Its growing production capacity has totalled to 2 million single pieces.

With state-of-the-art machinery and production facility, Knittex Garments is well-equipped to enhance its production capacity and excel in future endeavours and extend its customer base further across the globe.



Fabric is produced on circular Knitting machines, as per required structure. Our principal yarns are cotton and cotton blends including Lycra. Our fabric range is single jersey, pique, interlock 2/3 thread flees thermals, waffles, jacquards and feeder / auto-strip jersey / interlock.


Fabric is dyed using the latest soft technology. Reactive dyes are used to meet the international standards of dyed fabric performance. Polyester dyeing is also available along with reliable resource base for yarn dyeing. to ensure a quality finish, each operation is monitored by the Fabric Quality Laboratory using sophisticated machinery.


Printing is being done manually & all printing operations are available which include, Water based screen printing, Plastisol, High Density print, Flocking, Foil , Discharge print & Heat Transfer.

Pattern & Cutting

GGT Accumark system is used to make Precise pattern and grading as well as Planning a lay and markers for efficient and accurate cutting. In Line Inspection of cut goods is carried out before it is transferred to the stitching department.


We have stitching machines to assemble polo shirts, pieced garments, rugby, henleys and other styles. Belt cover, pulley guards on stitching machines and safety equipment like mouth masks and eye cover glases are used under health and safety Procedure.

Finishing and packing

In finishing all stitched garments are being checked for quality and appearance and then finally after folding and poly packing goes to cartons.